Los Angeles Cold Press is dedicated to sharing wellness in the workplace.

We would love to transform your workplace culture with a custrom LACP experience. Our juices, nut milks, superfood snacks and cleanses are designed to improve energy and clarity, strengthen immunity and support overall health.


We make it easy for anyone at your office to enjoy a selection of our delicious juices, immunity shots, superfood snacks and cleanses on-demand by offering delivery on the following days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

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We love sharing what we know. We are available to come into your office to educate your team about how to live a healthier lifestyle at work and home. In a 2-hour workshop we share the benefits of our offerings followed by a tasting of our cold pressed juices and superfood potions, as well as teach simple holistic lifestyle tools & practices to uplift your daily experience.

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We would be delighted to provide juices, nut milks or superfood snacks for your next on-site or off-site event! Whether energizing your team during a staff meeting or offering a healthy alternative at a party, cold pressed juices and superfood potions are always a very welcome addition.

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